Lighthouse Labs


Effective learning and development designed around your specific business needs, people and outcomes.

Lighthouse Labs works with organizations to identify and address skill and talent gaps throughout the entire employee lifecycle.


No matter where your employees are today, Lighthouse Labs for Enterprise has a solution to transform them to where they need to be. 

Talent Acquisition and Onboarding

Talent Acquisition and Onboarding

New hire or pre-hire training programs designed around your tech stack and data environment, to expedite the onboarding process. Includes access to Lighthouse Labs Early Talent and Diversity and Inclusion partnerships with government funding.

Tech for Non-Tech Upskilling

Tech for Non-Tech Upskilling

Training programs designed to build a strong foundation of digital and data literacy across your organization to maximize your team’s productivity and to empower decision-making rooted in real-world data.

Tech for Tech Upskilling

Tech for Tech Upskilling

Training programs to elevate the technical skills of your teams with new and more relevant technologies to further their career progression. Includes Lighthouse Labs on-the-job mentorship support beyond the classroom.

Technical Reskilling

Technical Reskilling

Training programs to retrain through new skills development and transition existing employees into more in-demand roles, while retaining organizational knowledge.


Lighthouse Labs offers a range of flexible training delivery formats designed to accommodate your organization and employees. Choose from in-person, online or a hybrid solution.

Our programs can be tailored to your organization’s individual needs and specific business outcomes based on:

</> Your tech stack and data environment

</> Your learners (roles, experience and stage of employee lifecycle)

</> Current and upcoming projects

</> Specific skills and talent gaps identified

</> The schedule that works best for your organization and employees

</> The delivery format best suited for your organization and employees (in-person, online, instructor-led, self-paced or a hybrid solution)

Looking to access qualified Early Talent? Connect with our Career Services Team.


With a team of more than 250 industry instructors, mentors and subject matter experts, Lighthouse Labs can address all of your digital and data training needs, with content that spans a broad range of subjects that can be offered in English or French.