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    Learning and Development is now key in realizing business strategy

    Train your existing talent for a better ROI

    Investing in internal talent development ensures you have the talent to compete in today’s fast-changing and intense global economy. Your competition is stronger, and you need bolder, highly-trained employees to push ahead. An investment in learning and development has a direct impact on your company in many ways, leading to the achievement of both qualitative and quantitative economic benefits. Engaged employees are always learning, building their knowledge and satisfaction with your company.

    • Learning and development showcases your best talent, giving them an incentive to keep learning and growing.
    • Offering training reduces employee turnover. It creates a stronger workforce that’s less likely to quit.


    of organizations told the 2024 Workplace Learning Trends report from LinkedIn that they are concerned about employee retention, and providing learning opportunities is the No. 1 retention strategy.


    of HR managers know training improves retention rates within companies (


    of Millennials believe professional development and career growth are essential, according to Zippia.


    of the top 10% of workplaces offer learning and development programs to improve employee retention, increase employee engagement, and enhance productivity.

    Develop your team with Lighthouse Labs

    Benefits of learning & development

    Skills training is required to keep your workforce engaged and keep your business competitive. Lighthouse Labs offers relevant, highly in-demand skills that prepare teams for real-world work environments while enhancing their ability to be adaptable and solve problems. Lighthouse Labs offers B2B learning at its best, designed to meet your needs today and into tomorrow.

    • Our off-the-shelf solutions are designed to enhance employee skills in some of the most in-demand areas.
    • Our custom, tailored solutions solve your company’s problems with hands-on, tailored learning.

    Improved retention

    Now more than ever employees are loyal to companies willing to invest in their professional development.

    Increased engagement

    Employee recognition through investments in learning and development shows that your business values its workforce and motivates peers to challenge themselves further.

    Enhanced productivity

    Simply put, more training yields more doing. Boost your company’s growth by enhancing employee efficiency and retaining top talent.


    All-level courses in web development, ready to teach your company new languages and tech stacks and solve your unique needs for development and specialized functional teams like product.


    600 hours

    Web Development Bootcamp

    Train members of your team to become proficient web developers.


    36 hours

    Intro to Web Development Course

    Have your team learn programming basics and communicate effectively with tech teams.


    36 hours

    Intro to Front-End with JavaScript Course

    Enable your team to be self-sufficient in front-end development to alleviate developer’s workloads.

    Coding courses


    Foundational to advanced data courses for business and data analysts, data engineers, and specialized functional teams like human resources.


    600 hours

    Data Science Bootcamp

    Train members of your team to become proficient data scientists and machine learning engineers.


    400 hours

    Data Analytics Bootcamp

    Train members of your team to become better storytellers and drivers of insights.


    36 hours

    Intro to Data Analytics Course

    Get the most out of your existing data for better business decisions.


    12 hours

    Data for HR – 101 Course

    Learn how to turn your people data into meaningful, impactful results.

    Data courses


    Expand and enhance your team’s capabilities with critical, up-to-date cybersecurity skills, ranging from foundational to advanced.


    600 hours

    Cybersecurity Bootcamp

    Train members of your team to become proficient at defending your organization from cyber threats.


    40 hours

    Data Analytics Bootcamp

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    10 hours

    Intro to Data Analytics

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    10 hours

    Data Analytics for HR 101

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    Cybersecurity courses

    which training option is for your team?

    Tailored or off-the-shelf solutions

    Lighthouse Labs offers both custom, tailored solutions as well as ready-to-go, off-the-shelf educational Bootcamps and courses designed to train your team. We have options that fit any size company and learning and development budget. Consider skills gaps and desired interests to help you choose the right courses and programs.

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