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Web development skills are needed now more than ever. From intro courses that boost your team’s general knowledge with relevant and critical skills to intensive Bootcamps that will add more developers to your ranks, find the right fit.

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    Upskill or reskill your team?

    Whether you are looking for weekly or daily classes, 6 hours or 40+ hours per week of learning, we have options for you! Regardless of whether you choose to upskill or reskill your team, they will learn in an online, live format and have hands-on projects.


    Our part-time courses allow you to upgrade your tech skills while still without heavily impacting your day job. These part-time courses are great for teams looking to add to their toolkits.

    • 6 weeks
    • 2 lectures per week
    • 3 hours per lecture
    • 2 web development courses available


    Our immersive Bootcamps transform passionate and driven members of your team into proficient web developers.

    • 12 week full-time Bootcamp
    • 5 lectures per week
    • 50+ hours of study per week
    • 30 week part-time Bootcamp
    • 2 lectures per week
    • ~ 25 hours of study per week

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    The Decision to Upskill or reskill teams

    Companies who train employees to meet industry demands

    A study from Deloitte found 73% of business leaders and HR professionals believe that organizations hold responsibility for developing their workforce. Only 54% believe it’s the individual’s responsibility themselves.


    of employees report they don’t have mastery of the skills needed to do their jobs


    of workers need to upskill/reskill to remain competitive


    of workers are willing to switch to companies offering upskilling


    of business leaders believe it is the company’s responsibility to develop the workforce


    Upskilling coding courses

    These 6-week part-time courses teach you to design stunning, user-friendly websites, create an efficient, bug-free infrastructure, and prove it with a portfolio-ready project.

    Added upskill benefits


    Communicate effectively with your software and development teams.

    Know your product

    Understand how to create a Minimum Viable Product.

    Learn from anywhere

    Our courses are offered in an online, live format, so they are accessible to all.


    Intro to Web Development Course

    Learn front and back-end programming basics using languages like Ruby and HTML & CSS.

    • Create responsive webpages
    • Create responsive webpages


    Intro to Front-End with JavaScript Course

    Unlock the potential of front-end development by learning the widely popular programming language, JavaScript.

    • Create responsive webpages
    • Build emails

    unlock new roles

    Reskilling coding programs

    Our Web Development Bootcamp is guided by industry standards to set up your team with the right technical skills you are looking for. 

    Experience a quality online tech education that goes beyond the classroom.

    Added Reskill benefits

    Expert instructors

    Learn from instructors with years worth of hand-on experience.

    Access our pool of experienced mentors who can assist you with the click of a button.

    We pride ourselves on our hands-on, proactive education approach.


    Web Development Bootcamp

    12 weeks full-time | 30 weeks part-time

    • Front-end development
    • Back-end development

      Which is best for your needs

      Upskill or reskill?

      Your company’s goals, priorities, and the extent of the digital skills gap will help you determine whether you should upskill or reskill your team.

      Depth of knowledgeIn-depth and immersiveFundamentals
      Industry-informed curriculum
      Delivery methodPart-time
      2 classes/week, 3 hrs each
      Full-time or Part-time
      50+ hrs/week or~25 hrs/week
      Duration6 weeks12 to 30 weeks
      Online, live
      Expert instructors
      Development typeFront-end and full-stack options available.Full-stack available.
      Programs available-Intro to Web Development
      -Intro to Front-End with JavaScript
      -Web Development Bootcamp

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      Delivering Digital In-Demand Learning for Companies

      Our methodology

      Lighthouse Labs prides itself on teaching people to learn. There is no way to learn everything you need about a topic so it is critical to build skills that allow you to be adaptable in real-world situations and as the industry evolves. Every component of our methodology has adaptability and a growth mindset at its core.

      Brain with arrows icon

      Flipped learning model

      A flipped, immersive education model puts the emphasis on the development of practical skills through building real-world applications using an incremental and cumulative collection of tools and best practices.

      Hands with lightbulb icon

      Hands-on learning

      Working through assignments outside of lectures is a key component of learning. You’ll work on related projects, practicing what you’ve learned and getting feedback and support from mentors, instructors, and fellow classmates.

      Brain play pause icon

      Accelerated learning

      Our programs provide the baseline, structure, point of reference, and unique learning environment needed for accelerated learning. Our industry-driven curriculum is built with an emphasis on key technologies, best practices, and transferrable skills.

      Hand holding person icon


      We are strong believers in the power of mentorship. You’ll be supported by a community of industry professionals. Our mentors are full-time developers, data analysts, or cyber security professionals who are available to support you.

      Globe on computer icon

      Applied experience

      Over seventy-five percent of your time in the program will be focused on doing. This is a crucial step in your journey: you will learn a new concept and immediately recall that knowledge by using it in a real-world scenario.

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      Why Lighthouse Labs?

      Since 2013, over 40,000 students have gained critical digital skills at Lighthouse Labs. Our personalized, accelerated curriculums have proven their effectiveness at building bridges between our students, businesses and their futures.

      • Bridge the digital skills gap
      • Stay ahead of the curve
      • Remain competitive

      The current and future workforce requires new digital skills, specifically the integration of data, cybersecurity and web development. Together, we have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the teams and communities we serve.

      Speed to market

      Our numerous programs are ready to be integrated into your company’s existing learning and development offerings. We’re here to support you and your team by offering robust training in some of the most in-demand skills for today’s digital world.

      Market-driven curriculum

      Our agile, human-centred approach to crafting our programs is what makes it possible to offer our students an education that’s radically relevant. Our accelerated, modular format enables industry experts, designers, and facilitators to regularly integrate feedback and industry trends into what we offer. The result is training that equips graduates with the skills they need to thrive in their current or new role in the organization.

      Partnership first approach

      We take a personalized, collaborative approach to working with our partners. We keep our partnerships at the forefront of everything we do so that we facilitate the best programming possible. We work together with our partners to find solutions that fit their needs and build a flourishing tech ecosystem.

      Get education started sooner than you think

      We offer rolling start dates that allow us to start educational tracks constantly. You can enroll employees in them at any time. If you have enough team members to fill a cohort, we can create a custom one just for your company.

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